Our Corporate Responsibility

The team at Emma & Tom’s has always believed that businesses have an obligation to leave the world a better place. We understand that we operate within a community of stakeholders, who look to our business to set a high standard.  We work to ensure that environmental and social considerations play an absolutely key part in all our corporate decision making and practices.

Look after our farmers

We use primarily Australian ingredients and try to source local where possible. We support Australian farmers by sourcing fruit that does not meet supermarket standards from all over the country. For example, Kensington Pride mangoes from Far North Queensland, apples from Victoria and oranges from  New South Wales, stone fruits from South Australia and fresh milk from Gippsland, Victoria.

Look after our environment

Since the beginning, we have always used sustainable packaging materials for our products. We were the first company to use 100% post-consumer recycled PET bottles (developed and trialled in collaboration with Sustainability Victoria and Visy). Our light recyclable square bottles store more efficiently than round bottles and therefore each van space is maximised creating less carbon foot print. Moreover, 100% recycled PET production uses 82% less resources than production of plastic bottles from non-recycled plastic. Although plastic has many benefits, it is light non-breakable and requires relatively little energy to produce; its durability makes it a serious global waste and pollution problem when it is not disposed of through a good recycling system.   

Where possible we also offer our customers drinks in glass bottles. Our glass bottles are made in Australia using all-natural materials, which naturally breakdown removing the issue of long term pollution. These bottles are of course 100% recyclable.

The recently launched Emma & Tom’s 250ml glass bottle range cuts 15% carbon emissions and reduces energy use by at least 15% per bottle. This stylish glass bottle was created in partnership with students at Melbourne’s Monash University and OI Glass cultivating for our students a hands-on real world product design and development experience.


Look after our planet

We love doing good right across our supply chain, so after we’ve finished fruit pulping and the juicing process, all our unused peels, cores and skins are fed to the cattle and pigs to complete a waste-free, whole-cycle production process. Happy animals put smiles on our faces. 

Furthermore, we utilise local production facilities where possible to reduce the freight resource required which results in reducing our carbon footprint, better for our environment.

Look after our community

Feeding others in need is our social responsibility. We are a proud official corporate partner of Foodbank Victoria, Foodbank is the largest food relief organisation in Australia. Foodbank acts as a pantry to the charity sector in Australia, helping to source and rescue edible surplus food and groceries from the country’s farmers, manufacturers, and retailers. Foodbank Australia provides more than 70% of the food rescued for food relief organisations nation-wide. More than 2,400 charities and 2,000 school breakfast programs nationally are supported by Foodbank.

In addition to Foodbank, we support a number of worthy local causes with short life and excess snacks and drinks, providing healthy nutrition for people in need.

Look after our employees

At Emma & Tom’s, we pride ourselves in diversity. Our employees come from all walks of life including 20 different nationalities. We have a female CEO (of course, Emma!) and over half of our management team is female, setting an example of gender equality. We have also hired staff from Match Works – Disability Employment Services. By offering employees job security, in a supporting working environment, they have been able to learn and further develop their skills enhancing their career choices and future prospects. Furthermore, both Emma and Tom act as business mentors via Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP), The Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship at Melbourne University and RMIT Faculty of Business.

World class standards

Emma & Tom’s is proudly a certified B Corporation. We are part of a community of more than 3,000 companies across 150 industries in 71 countries with one unifying goal: redefining success in business. B Corp Certification is the only certification that measures a company’s entire social and environmental performance. The certification process evaluates how our company’s operations and business model impact our workers, community, environment, and customers’, supply chain and input materials to charitable giving and employee benefits. Learn more here. 



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Our Corporate Responsibility

The team at Emma & Tom’s has always believed that businesses have an obligation to leave the world a better place. We understand that we