Chocolate Milk PET (Case of 10)

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Case contains 10 x 350ml servings.
Our milk comes fresh from Gippsland, a renowned dairy region in Victoria. The cows eat mostly grass and make delicious, nutritious milk that is naturally high in protein and calcium.
Made with low fat milk, we have created an all-natural, deliciously creamy Chocolate Milk with no added sugar.
A good source of protein with 12g per bottle and calcium for strong bones.
Green School Canteen Approved (VIC, TAS, SA, NT & ACT), Everyday School Canteen Approved (NSW) and Amber School Canteen Approved (QLD).
Gluten Free


Low fat milk, cocoa powder, natural flavour, vegetable gum, stevia leaf extract.


350ml No Added Sugar Chocolate Milk Nutrition Panel

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