Looking After Yourself in Isolation

Feeling fatigued and unproductive in self-isolation during this pandemic? You’re not alone! The feelings of unknown, How long is this going to last? When will I be able to see my friends again? When will we be able to travel again? It is daunting and scary and that is okay. After all, we are human. Here are some tips to help get you through this tough time. 


It is healthy and perfectly acceptable to admit and feel all the negative emotions such as anger, sadness, boredom, pessimism and depression. Studies showed that accepting the negative feelings rather than pushing them away helps our mind become more resilient. Get a piece of paper, write down your feelings and emotions and feel them. If you need to cry, cry. If you need to scream, do it. Then, write down the things in your life right now that you are grateful for. Your family, your pet, your friend, your home, your health, and the little things in your life. Remember, we are all in this together!


Being stood down or losing your job are no fun. Right now it is increasingly difficult to find a job (but keep trying!). Everyone is in the same boat! With the extra time you have now, get around to do the things you have always wanted to do but haven’t got around to do. Repotting a new plant? Rearranging furniture? There are many free videos online to start a new hobby. Learning how to make sourdough. Learn how to make your own kombucha by using Emma & Tom’s Kombucha as a starter culture (Look out for our upcoming blog on how to make your own Kombucha).






Working from home? Great! This doesn’t mean you should stay in your pyjamas all day long eating whatever is in your pantry when you feel like it! Create a routine just like you go to work. Getting up and getting dressed will help you get into the work mood. Have your coffee in your favourite takeaway cup. Stick to your normal eating routine to keep you nourished. It is important to eat nutrient dense foods to keep your immunity in check. Stocking up on healthy snacks like Emma & Tom’s Superfood Balls will keep you full for longer.


Write down all the good friends you have lost touch. Use this time to ring or video call them, check up on them and reignite the friendship! Don’t be afraid to ring. You never know maybe they are feeling lonely and abandoned.


Stress is the nemesis of the immune system. It is important to try to relax as much as you can in this tough time (I know it’s hard but you’ve got to try!). Meditation has been proven to reduce cortisol hormone induced stress. Research studies have found that 20 minutes of meditation change the brain pattern. Can’t stay still? Try walking meditation.


Healthy mind and healthy body go hand in hand. Set a time each day to sweat! There are many free YouTube videos for sweat sessions. This could be the perfect time to work on your flexibility. Try a one hour yoga class with Travis Elliot or 20 min HIIT session with MadFit. If you love dancing, Fitness Marshall will give you a real workout full of laughter! 





It’s very easy to fall off your healthy eating regime in this tough time. As much as you’d like to binge on comfort food to sooth your soul, DON’T. Put down It’s very easy to fall off your healthy eating regime in this tough time. As much as you’d like to binge on comfort food to sooth your soul, DON’T. Put down that packet of chips and start creating a meal plan for the week. By nourishing your body with nutritious foods, this will help you perform at your best physically and mentally. Here are some suggestions to fill your meal plan: colourful vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, legumes, a fist portion of protein (meat/seafood/tempeh/tofu) and probiotic rich foods such as kimchi, miso soup and Emma & Tom’s Probiotic+Prebiotic Juice. In addition, it is okay to treat yourself every now and then, everything is in moderation. Stock up on Emma & Tom’s guilt-free Superfood Ball or Life Bar, it will sure eliminate sugar craving pang!


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