Since the beginning we have always used as much recyclable packaging as possible. All our bottles and cans are 100% recyclable, made from glass, aluminium or PET.

Emma & Tom's Glass Bottle Juice Range

Our glass bottles are made in Australia using all-natural materials, which naturally breakdown removing the issue of long term pollution. These bottles are of course 100% recyclable. The Emma & Tom's glass bottle juice range cuts 15% carbon emissions and reduces energy use by at least 15% per bottle. This stylish glass bottle was created in partnership with students at Melbourne’s Monash University and OI Glass cultivating for our students a hands-on real world product design and development experience.

Emma & Toms Glass Bottle Range


100% Recyclable PET Bottles

We were the first company to use 100% post-consumer recycled PET bottles (developed and trialled in collaboration with Sustainability Victoria and Visy). Using PET means our bottles are free from BPA (a harmful chemical found in some plastics) ensuring our drinks remain free from harmful chemicals. Our light recyclable square bottles store more efficiently than round bottles and therefore each van space is maximised creating less carbon foot print. Moreover, 100% recycled PET production uses 82% less resources than production of plastic bottles from non-recycled plastic. Although plastic has many benefits, it is light non-breakable and requires relatively little energy to produce; its durability makes it a serious global waste and pollution problem when it is not disposed of through a good recycling system.

Emma & Tom's 350ml juices PET Bottles
Delivery & Snack Packaging
All our delivery and display boxes are all recyclable. Our snack packaging is made from soft plastic - there is currently no mechanism in Australia to recycle soft plastic, but the Government is working to develop a solution to resolve this.
Recycling Fruit Pulp
Our fruit pulp is collected by factories and used as stock feed for animals.
farm animals eating left over fruit pulp
Sustainability is really important to us at Emma & Tom's and we are continuing to look at creative ways to up-cycle our product waste to create new and innovative products.
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