The Millie Glass Bottle - Guest Blog by OI Glass

Working with progressive, values-based brands like Emma & Tom’s who see the benefits of infinitely recyclable glass packaging is what we love to do at O-I Glass.

So when we had the opportunity to collaborate with Emma & Tom’s to create an innovative new glass packaging solution known as ‘Millie’, we were excited!

Millie aligns with O-I’s commitment to sustainability and wellbeing in a very powerful way. Working with Emma & Tom’s also allowed us to continue to support the manufacturing and recycling of glass packaging within Australia.

Millie is a 250ml glass bottle designed to contain precisely two servings of fruit in the form of no-sugar-added fruit juice. It’s perfect for consumers who are conscious of the daily 5+ 2-a-day guidelines.

Two servings of fruit, or two serves of 125ml is the daily recommended amount for adults aged 19 years and over as set out by the Australian Dietary Guidelines, which provides up-to-date advice based on scientific evidence and research about the amount and types of foods that people need to eat for optimal health and wellbeing. 

Despite a healthy diet being high on most people’s priority list, for modern busy people understanding what a daily serving is and getting the recommended daily servings of fruit and vegetables can be an obstacle.

Our challenge was to design a glass packaging solution that provides people with a clear understanding of how much they had consumed towards their daily nutritional requirements.

We know that glass packaging was important for Emma & Tom’s. They told us that they had seen a definite shift with consumers leading the change in the market away from plastics. Emma & Tom’s view is that glass provides a strong fit with the health and sustainability values that are central to their business and feel that glass is the best and most sustainable choice for packaging their juice.

Seeing the Millie bottle in the marketplace today containing Emma & Tom’s chilled fruit juices and smoothies is tremendous. We are so delighted to see all Emma & Tom’s hard work coming to fruition.

Emma & Tom’s, students and staff at Monash University, VOICE Specialist Brand Agency and the Australian Food and Beverage Council all collaborated with us on the Millie project and that made it all the more special for us.

We wish Emma & Tom’s every success. We know Australians like to support their hardworking fellow Aussies, and will rally behind Emma & Tom’s range.

Shop the Emma & Tom's iconic juice and smoothie range here. 

Written by Bayard Sinnema, Strategic Marketing Asia Pacific for O-I Glass.

About O-I:

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