JUST WATER Spring Water 500ml x 12

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Case contains 12 x 500ml servings.

JUST is two simple things: 100% responsibly-sourced spring water and plant-based packaging. 88% of our carton originates as plants: the trees used for the paper and sugarcane used to make the cap, shoulder, and layers of the carton. The result: a 74% reduction in carbon emissions compared to plastic bottles. Start with plants, finish with a smaller footprint.

JUST is Australian spring water from the basalt and scoria rocks deep inside Mt Warrenheip, an extinct volcano near Ballarat, Victoria. Plentiful annual rains gently seep through layers of rock, to form the abundant, crystal clear waters that ultimately go into our sustainable carton. Delicately yet distinctively flavored, the water is filtered naturally through the volcanic rock formations. It is those rocks through which the water passes that give it its uniquely high and balanced mineral content.

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